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Fel only. Progressive skill gain. 

Regless casting. Ren Era.

DL Client 

DL Razor 

DL UOSteam   2593

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Progressive skillgain = Fast gains at low lvl, through 50. Slows a lot more past 70-80 (and increasingly harder as you near GrandMaster (100)).

No total skillcap

Global chat with

"[c (message)"

Change hair with 


Shutting down

My apologies. I was not able to get enough people to make the server work. I have begun playing on UO Renaissance (uorenaissance.com) as their ruleset/world is as close to this one as i have found. Along with a strong playerbase. Goodluck, and take care. -Godlikely, GM - Best UO world.

No stat or skill loss.

No total skillcap = 1 char can GM all skill.

100 each skill max.

Potions stack.

Taming and summoned creatures have been nerfed. Drakes, dragons and some other powerful creatures are uncontrollable.

For bugs, issues, help connecting, etc. bquality9@gmail.com

Be sure OSI encryption is off (passwords are still encrypted).

Donate using cash id "$ibkz" with cash app. 

-first use will give bonus of $5 to us both!

There is no in game compensation for donations.

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